Best Small Dog For Hiking

List of the Best small dogs for hiking. If you are a hiker or consider going on an adventure anytime soon and would love to know the best medium-sized dog for hiking? Then this article is for you.

Dogs are not just pets but Buddies, So a long-distance walk would be good for training or just for the fun.


Best Small Dog For Hiking

We know of classy people who prefer medium-sized dogs because of their Compatability and people who just love carrying their pets around like the Chihuahua breed etc.

Can Small Dogs Go On Hikes?

Before we talk about the list of Best small dog for hiking. I think the question “Can small dogs go on hikes?” should be answered first.

Well, medium-sized Dogs are no exception to hiking and the answer is “Yes Small Dogs can go on hikes” too.

Which Small Dog Breed Is Best For Hiking?

Below we have made a list of 10 Small Hiking Dogs that can go backpacking with you.

Although there are tons of best medium-sized dog for hiking and adventures but we can’t list them all.

  • Chihuahua

As small as the Chihuahua is, they possess great agility and the ability to go on long-distance walks but be sure to keep some snacks close.

Best small dog for hiking

  • French Bulldogs

Frenchies are one of the Small dogs best for hiking, with their over-sized ears, Lol.

Are French Bulldogs Smart?

medium sized dogs best for hiking


  • Yorkshire Terrier

All Terrier breeds are good for hiking, but mind the weight of backpacks you put on them.

Yorkshire Terrier hiking


  • Miniature Pinscher

Looking small but the Miniature Pinscher is one of the toughest small dog breeds also good for adventures.

small dog breeds for hiking


  • Pug

Funny looking pugs are great for adventure. looking at a pug’s face is like watching a comedy show, Lmao.


  • Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are one of our picks as a great companion for hiking.


  • Miniature Schnauzer

Not so sure about how far the Miniature Schnauzers can go but they seem to enjoy walking around.


  • Scottish Terrier


  • American Eskimo Dog


  • German Spitz

Can small dogs hike long distances?

Yes, they can but with most of the small dogs having small legs, They can be slow Lol.
What you should consider is the energy of your dog, Most pups would get tired easily while others have the stamina to walk long distance.

What do dogs need for hiking?

Basic Requirements for dog hiking are:

  • Dog Leash
  • Hiking Backpack
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Dog first aid kit


Final words on Best Small Dog For Hiking

There are tons of Medium-sized Dogs great as hiking companions, unfortunately, we couldn’t list them all.

So If you didn’t find your dog breed on our list you now know the reason why.

Well in order to find out if your dog breed is among the Best Small Dog For Hiking, We suggest you go on a test hike with your pup and let us know in the comments below.

We might consider adding yours to our list, Thanks for reading.


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