Are French Bulldogs Smart?

Are french bulldogs smart or even considered intelligent?. Frenchies are rare dog breeds if you are Frenchie lover or just curious about this Dog breed then read till the end of this article to know if Frenchies are smart breeds.

French Bulldogs are best for new dog owners because of their adaptation to apartment living.
their estimated life span is 11 to 14 years meaning Frenchies can live even up to 15 years.


Are french bulldogs smart?
Apart from having really long-standing ears, french bulldogs are friendly

easy to train.
low tendency to bark or howl.
Frenchies are very playful breeds which also makes them best breeds for kids so if you are looking for a baby sitter you should consider getting a french bulldog.


Why Are French Bulldogs So Smart?

  1. Frenchies are intelligent enough to notice when something doesn’t benefit them.
  2. they listen 20 times more than English bulldogs thanks to their gigantic ears.
  3. French bulldogs are really sensitive about people just like every other dog breed.

so are french bulldogs smart dog breeds? Well, you’re just about to find out amazing facts for yourself so read on.

Did you notice that in the movie Titanic had a brief glimpse of a Frenchie being loaded onto the ship, which later walked on the steerage class deck?.

this was inspired by the historical French bulldog which was said to be on board the Titanic. The Director of the movie cut off the scene where the Frenchie was struggling in the water after the ships sinking.

Are French Bulldogs Smart

you can see a french bulldog swimming passed Jack and Rose.

Apart from the fact that Frenchies have been featured in several Hollywood movies, Tv commercials, and magazines.
French Bulldogs are one of the most expensive dog breeds following the Chow-Chow breed this only indicates one thing which is that they are an awesome companion to adults and kids.

Frenchies require a couple of 10 to 15 minutes walk every single day to maintain their physique
although is extremely food motivated.


So Are Frenchies Smart Dog Breeds?

I am sure that just like every other dog breed you have the ones that are more Intelligent than others it all depends on how well your dog is trained.

With our findings across all breeds, Frenchies are considered smart dog breeds.

Relatively speaking Frenchies compared to a Poodle as a breed are not close.

The Poodle is considered one of the few smart breeds, not trying to be rude to anyone but what really matters is how well your dog is trained and not basically the breed of the Dog.

But look at the bright side, although Frenchies are not so much intelligent as they have a strong desire to be with and please their human. some can be stubborn but with the right training, they can do just about anything.

what you should consider in every breed is if they are friendly to keep as house pets and yes Frenchies have this quality, they do think they are people too Lol.


what is special about French bulldogs

If you want a charming, stubborn little clown, then a Frenchie is just what you need. Frenchies are just like little friends that will amuse you for hours non-stop.
many lace workers moved to France, taking the little bulldogs with them.

There they crossed the dogs with Pugs, terriers and other small breeds, producing the early French Bulldog.

Frenchies became the sweethearts of the society and were often seen on the arms of prostitutes as they walked the boulevards of France. As is often the case,

French Bulldog Intelligence

fashion traveled upwards and the wealthy soon glamoured to have this charming little dog. Many were exported to the United States, where the bat ear was “set” by American enthusiasts.

In 1897, the first French Bulldog Club of America specialty show was held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York.

Frenchies were all the rage! As many know, a French Bulldog was lost on the Titanic and a Frenchie, Ortino, was the beloved pet of one of the daughters of the Russian Royal family. His remains were discovered where the whole family was executed.



Having read through this entire article on the question “Are French Bulldogs Smart” I’m sure you now understand that Frenchies are not considered one of the smartest dog breeds but what matters most is how your dog is trained.

Just like every other dog breed, you have ones that are smarter and well behaved and so are most Frenchies.
I will really recommend you get a Frenchie if you have been planning to, cause they make good companions.
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