can chow chows live at home

Chow Chows are rare Dog breeds but the question here is are Chow chows good for apartment living?

well, stick around to find out. Today you are going to learn things to consider when trying to know if a dog breed is ok for your home and why this Bear look-alike is good for housekeeping.

are Chow chows good for apartment living?

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Are chow chows friendly

Chows are good pets with love for children and can get along with other pets when raised together.

Their friendliness is based on your familiarity with them, Chow Chows are playful and dominant in terms of aggressiveness.

Chows are protective of their owners and they won’t be friendly to strangers at all.


Can Chow Chows be left alone?

If a chow pet is left alone at home, there’s a 99% chance his definitely going to feel depressed mostly when alone for way too long.

So you should consider not leaving your chow alone for long hours.

can chow chows live at home

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Do chow chows shed fur?

For a dog that has a lot of fur, Yes the chow breed does shed.

You must have noticed that chows are filled with fur which makes them one of the best cuddle buddies.


Should chows be shaved?

Don’t, I repeat don’t shave the fur of your chow unless for medical reasons prescribed by a certified veterinary doctor.

If you do, you are probably going to cause more harm to your pet.


Final Words

With deep thought and thorough research, I will say the chow-breed is good for apartment living.

So with all you have read in this article, I hope we have answered your question on can chow chows live at home?.


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